Music: - Vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
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Aura DuoAura Duo

The Aura duo are two musicians that have legendary status in the DC area.
The Aura duo is Charles Wright on guitar and vocals and Mike Pryor on bass and vocals. Both are alumni of The Duke Ellington School Of The Arts.
Having played all over the world in almost every type of venue and performance situation, this duo is limitless in their versatility and ability to adjust to any events needs.
Aura performs popular music in all genres and styles with the emphasis on a fun time and unsurpassed musical integrity and professionalism.
The Aura Duo is perfect for cocktail events and small to medium sized private events and parties including but not limited to wedding and birthday celebrations.
Additional instrumentation is available upon request.
Aura will make sure that you get what you want for your event and how you want it from start to finish. Our attention to details such as good sound quality and song selection will immediately impress our clients.
We are extremely easy and fun to work with on the fly as sometimes clients may have sudden changes to be addressed during your event.
We look forward to providing the best music experience possible for our clients.