Music: - Vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.


Susan Jones - Violinist


"Jones is one of the best violinists in Washington, and in the relatively small world of jazz violinsts, she's developing an international reputation."-The Washington Post

Being based in the Washington DC area, (a region with a diverse potpourri of venues offering a wide range of musical styles), has allowed her to create a multi-faceted career in music, satiating her desire to incorporate her many influences and to play almost constantly. With her new CD, "Exit 19", Jones takes us on a musical trip. The sign, with those cryptic words: Exit 19 Future, right at the edge of her neighborhood, remained an unfinished exit for her entire childhood and often led her to wonder what was at the end of that exit. That mystery was the inspiration for this new collection of songs. Searching for a new and exciting path with each composition or new arrangement, this CD exemplifies her creative journey since her first exposure to the world of jazz music.